WELCOME to Dancing Dolphin Creative Therapies.

Being creative can offer us an opportunity to heal and grow.

By using a variety of modalities – like paint, clay, sand, art & craft materials, and a safe, quiet space in which to work every week, there is the possibility that things can ‘feel’ and start to ‘be’, different.

I offer this opportunity to children, young people and adults.

For me there is something wonderful about the playful and joyful energy of the dolphin.

At times we can lose that energy and vitality.
But we can reclaim it.

Play Therapy is especially suited to and effective with children and young people.
It is their natural language.

Play Therapy provides them with the opportunity to examine, replay and work through their thoughts and feelings - without using words.

Creative Therapy sessions can be helpful with adults and a variety of modalities can be used. Using the sand tray is often preferred. Sandplay is a creative and non-directive therapeutic method that is highly enjoyable and often very effective.

No words are necessary.